Courses: CS 551, BME 598 & BIOM 505

This course, tailored for PhD students, explore AI and scientific research, with a focus on biomedical applications. The spring semester will concentrate on multi-modal data AI models, covering seven key areas:

The aim is to provide students with an understanding of these AI technologies and their practical use.


Wednesday 12:00 to 2:00 PM MST Online via ZOOM

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Week 1

Date: Jan 17th

Papers Covered

Attention Is All You Need

Transformers in Vision: A Survey

Presenter: Shane McQueen

Zoom Recording: Video Link (Passcode: kj703+ev )

Week 2

Date: Jan 24th

Paper Covered: 

An Image is Worth 16x16 Words: Transformers for Image Recognition at Scale

Presenter: Kushal Virupakshappa

Zoom Recording: Video Link (Passcode: 1$F=dp6o )

Week 3

Date: Jan 31st

Paper Covered: ChemBERTa: Large-Scale Self-Supervised Pre-training for Molecular Property Prediction

Presenter: Mikaela E Dicome

Zoom Recording: To be uploaded

Week 4

Date: Feb 14th

Paper Covered: ProteinBERT: a universal deep-learning model of protein sequence and function 

Presenter:  David A Arredondo

Zoom Recording: To be uploaded

Week 5

Date: Feb 21st

Paper Covered: Hard negative examples are hard, but useful.

PresenterMicheal Serivilla

Zoom Recording: To be uploaded

Week 6

Date: Feb 27th

Paper Covered: Variational Auto Encoder


Zoom Recording: To be uploaded

Week 7

Date: Mar 6th

Paper Covered: Machine learning to detect the SINEs of cancer

PresenterOlufunmilola M Oyebamiji

Zoom Recording: video (Passcode: nss.mj1g)

Week 8

Date: Mar 13th

Paper Covered: TBD

Presenter: Yue 

Zoom Recording: To be uploaded

Token quanitzation

Date: July 17

Paper Covered: VQ-VAE :


MaskGIT :

TiTok :

Presenter: Avi 

PPT : 

Zoom Recording: