Kushal is a post-doctoral researcher with experience using digital signal processing, machine learning, and computer vision in several scientific and technological fields. He has eight years of extensive industrial and academic experience utilizing AI and ML.

He earned his PhD from the Illinois Institute of Technology by using computer vision and deep learning ideas to solve challenges in Ultrasonic Non-Destructive testing (NDT). He has also focused on the use of AI and ML for RF signal analysis to detect spoof activities by  IoT devices. He has also spent the last two years working as a computer vision engineer on self-checkout counters and carts, which use deep learning algorithms to analyze the images.

He is eager to contribute to and work on numerous projects at the Tumor AI lab in order to develop his AI expertise and apply it to the fields of cancer and immunology. He is presently investigating numerous research problems and pathways, where AI and computer vision may be applied as a viable remedy to the problems of cancer and immunology. Under the direction of Dr. Avinash Sahu, he hopes to launch independent research initiatives in the areas of cancer, immunology, and artificial intelligence.


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